Free Digital Marketing Strategy For 2020

Free Digital Marketing Strategy For 2020

April 13, 2020 Free 0

Where to get Real free digital marketing strategy advice?

I was thinking, when was the last time someone actually gave you something for free, that you can use and it not to be a pain in the ass to actually do? A quick google search on ‘free digital marketing’ and its a long list of apps and websites who are giving you generic advice that doesn’t actually help you at all if you’re looking for someone who will actual do digital marketing for you, for free.

Who does digital marketing for free?

This is a really good question, and most people will want you to pay for something if they are going to give up their time. You may think that its a stupid idea to actually give away my time – but right now. I’ve got a lot of spare time and I’m going to try do something and see what the results are.

There is a saying, if its too good to be true it probably is. Most free services out there will work in a few different ways, you will be required to hand over an email address so that a sales person can contact you, or you will be added to an email distribution list and receive some content each week. Or the other way is that you will be shown goods and services which other businesses can make an affiliate or referral clip on. Both of these in my opinion are fine, especially if you get what you want in the way of results. The issue is right now most of these services don’t ANSWER YOUR QUESTION! It’s just generic listicles (those lists of ‘5 best apps to do content marketing strategy’) and you end up getting frustrated.

Throughout this post I’ll show you actual ways in which you can build a business, for the smallest amount of money possible and hopefully it will help you enough that you decide to help out others.

So you’re really going to give it away for free?

If these posts and guides work, then I will give away some of my time for free to help businesses do better digital marketing or ensure they are getting their moneys worth from other agencies.

I love digital, I love the amazing ways in which businesses can thrive online – I talk to my friends about digital every day. I will happily help with digital marketing strategy for anyone that wants to talk about how they can do it better.