Harry James

harry james photo

For over 5 years Harry has been involved in the digital marketing industry. Working for an independent agency which focused on Australian small business Harry learnt SEO and Paid Media (Facebook and Google Ads) within 6 months. At this time Harry wondered how to keep quality of work whilst also scaling a the business. At this time Harry built the processes and frameworks which could scale an agency, whilst keeping costs low and ensuring results weren’t scarified.

In 2017 Harry joined one of Australia’s fastest growing agencies – Online Marketing Gurus and put his plan into action.

During the 3.5 years at Online Marketing Gurus – Harry was COO and oversaw the agency operations of all Consulting and Delivery teams. He also provided frameworks and systems to enable all parts of the business to operate as one scalable unit.

Harry has a passion for understanding how things work, how to optimise business operations, how to create scalable frameworks that can be applied to any digital agency and enable growth through efficiencies and correct application of financial data onto the agency.

Harry has overseen 1000’s of digital Marketing campaigns and has overseen a team of 30+ SEO Consultants, Paid Media Consultants and vendors.  Campaigns have been executed for every niche and vertical for Australia, USA, Singapore and UK.

If you are a business looking to take your digital marketing further, or struggling to understand what you are getting from your agency – You need to get in contact with me. Do not wait and see what might happen next.

If you are an agency who is looking to take the next step, and really understand how to generate working capital within your own business, then don’t put this off – contact me.